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CDC, Recent Headlines Confirm Mumps on the Rebound

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If you’re not a fan of the National Hockey League and don’t have a child in college right now, you might not be aware of the surprising resurgence of mumps in those populations. While more than a dozen NHL players have lost ice time due to the virus (including Pittsburgh Penguins star Sydney Crosby, who’d had a booster shot before falling ill but may have had a worse case otherwise), nearly 500 people in and around the Ohio State University were stricken with it in the spring of 2014. And altogether, the CDC says that the number of reported mumps cases in all of 2014 nearly doubled that of the year before. So what’s behind the comeback of this uncomfortable and potentially dangerous virus? Read all about it in USA Today.

Don’t forget to ask your family physician if you are up to date on your vaccinations for mumps and other serious illnesses – it might surprise you that certain vaccines can lose their potency even before adulthood.

At Community Care Family Practice in Zephyrhills, we provide all CDC-recommended vaccinations and boosters to keep our community safe from serious but preventable illnesses. So contact us at 813.788.3582 or fill out an online appointment request form to get up to date on your shots today!